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35 Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him in Every Budget 2022

Shopping for last minute gift ideas for him is stressful enough, let alone trying to find the perfect gifts for men who have everything or want nothing. 

Sometimes you just have to look at all the options in one place and let your imagination work. Maybe the guy on your shopping list needs a travel bag, a pair of unique go-to socks, or kitchen accessories he’d never buy for himself.

Regardless of her taste or budget, there’s the perfect Christmas gift on this list (or maybe this one).

Our team has researched best-selling gift guides for last-minute gift ideas for her that won’t sound like last-minute gifts. In fact, many of these gifts can be personalized and still arrive just in time for the joy of Christmas morning. 

So get ready, get dressed, and stop waiting for your shopping to end — keep reading for over 30 last-minute gift ideas for her. 

1. Panasonic Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer

This waterproof beard trimmer doubles as an excellent tool for a quick neckline trimmer, eliminating any excuses not to be ready for that holiday party. It’s versatile enough for any hair or beard length and includes a sleek matching charging station for easy access. It also makes it easy to prepare for his next road trip. 

2.Bump & Olufsen Beosound Waterproof Speaker

A perfect choice for the music lover who wants to take their music on the go, this portable, stylish and waterproof speaker has been top-rated by many tech magazines and companies, making it a safe last-minute sound for them. is the gift of what he will love. Take this speaker  to the beach or backyard, or even use it for that remote conference call at home. 

last minute gift ideas for him
3. Mobilo The Smart Digital Business Card

The Gift of Smarter Networking. The Mobilo is the perfect gift for savvy professionals this holiday season. Bring physical and digital networking together with the reusable Mobilo Smart Business Card, a physical business card that holds all your information to be scanned. Share contact information, collect leads, and connect with apps and CRM tools. 

With just one card and one phone, the opportunities are endless. Physical Mobilo cards come in a number of physical options, such as plastic, wood, and metal, and are endlessly customizable. From using a chip to a QR code, design your cards with your logo and brand to perfection. Modern networking is just a tap or scan away. Better network with Mobilo.

person holding an iphone with tapping mobilo business card
4. Hart Schaffner All-Weather Raincoat

Guys need transitional layers, too. He can toss it on his suit, or pull together a casual sweater-jean combo. This all-weather raincoat features Smart Coat technology and includes a removable, fleece-blend liner for cooler days. With adjustable sleeve tabs and a safety pocket inside, this raincoat will become a wardrobe staple and a favorite Christmas gift idea for any on-the-go person.

Hart Schaffner Rain Coat, Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
5. Amber temperature control smart mug 

Make him the envy of the office with this smart mug designed to keep his favorite beverage at just the right temperature. The sleek black mug includes a charging coaster with LED light to let you know when a drink is ready. Control the smart mug with an app or go low tech when you need to, and it’ll remember the most recent temperature.

Smart Mugs, Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
6. Minnetonka Pile Hard Sole Slippers

Style isn’t just important in the office. Looking good at home can make him feel like a Big Boss, these Minnetonka Mens Hardsole Slippers make it easy with their designed comfort and flexibility with 100% leather craftsmanship. Slip them on to greet neighbors outside or wear them around the house on a chilly weekend. 

Minitonka Slipper Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
7. Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder

No one is saying he needs help on the golf course, but every golfer knows that helping a rangefinder find the right club is that easy. With pin-locking technology, an easy-to-find on/off switch, and a magnetic feature for easy access to the cart, any golfer will love this.

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder, Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her
8.Same Heahaven Travel Bag

Don’t be fooled – men love a great travel bag just as much as women do, this is a last-minute gift idea for him he won’t even think to ask. And you’ll want to get one that works just as hard as it does – use this bag for overnight trips, gym clothes, or even trips to the grocery store, this bag has you covered. Will go The best gift would be the one that has no excuse  not to use  it. 

Mismo Heaven Weekend Bag Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
9. Dockers Casual Leather Belt

A good leather belt is an essential accessory, whether to dress up for a business meeting or out on the town with friends. Made with 100% leather and the quality you’d expect from Dockers, this belt comes in a wide variety of colors and works with any wardrobe style. Featuring a simple single-prong buckle with a metallic finish, it’ll fit seamlessly into any wardrobe… you’ll be thankful for the quick delivery options, last-minute Christmas shopping is no problem. 

Dockers Leather Belt, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
10.Indirect Necklace, Woolen Scarf 

Last-minute perfect gift ideas for him always come from practicality, enter warm woolen scarves. The perfect complement (and practical accessory) to any style. This scarf is woven exclusively with lambswool so it’s guaranteed not to itch and comes in a range of colors perfect for her winter wardrobe.

Unrecorded scarf last-minute gift ideas for her
11. Destinations of a Lifetime Coffee Table Book 

If travel is on the mind now that Covid is taking a back seat then this amazing hardcover book will help you pick the next bucket-list destination. With over 300 pages, this travel guide isn’t just a list of ideas, it includes practical advice for travel, including insight into where to eat, stay, and try local adventures. He has to buy bus tickets and choose who to take with him. 

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her Destinations of Lifetime Coffee Table Book
12. Titanium LED Flashlight

This small but mighty flashlight is definitely out of battery and brighter than just sitting in the back of your junk drawer. Featuring five brightness settings and an emergency mode, it’s compact enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to be the perfect companion for any adventure. 

Aurora Titanium Flashlight, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
13. Stainless Steel Knife Set

Lighten up the mood with this quirky Christmas gift, a stainless steel knife set with a unique holder (to say the least). The knife set also includes protective sleeves and magnets to help hold the blade in place. Her friends will have a good laugh and you’ll get the funniest and most practical gift, win-win.

Knife Set and Stand Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
14. Onsen Bath Towel Set

Let’s be honest — we know you’re tired of the ever-so-damp towels reminiscent of the locker room he hung in his bathroom. Still, we also know that every man would love to step out of the shower and grab a luxury towel, and it looks like few people are willing to splurge on this must-have staple. This unique waffle pattern set will settle this with two large bath towels that feel soft while still being absorbent so she can ditch the locker room and head for the spa. 

Onsen Bath Towel Set, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
15. Chap Socks

How do you find last minute gifts for her if that’s all she has? A trendy, comfortable pair of socks he’ll want to add an extra cuff to his sweatpants to show off. The comb is made of cotton yarn made to ensure that it will stay straight and soft as ever, making every pair as unique as the man himself. Even last minute gift ideas for them can make them feel special. 

Funny Socks for Men, Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Them
16. Minute Egg Maker

If an aspiring chef or even a lazy cook is on your list, he’ll love this handmade egg cooker that combines the ease of microwave cooking with the allure of a pint-sized crock that sits on the counter all day. Is. With a ventilated lid, it’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. 

One-Minute Egg Cooker Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
17. Dog Face Pillow

Calling all dog lovers – these adorable dog-inspired throw pillows will let her show off her softer (and cuddly) side. Perfect for lying on the sofa or tossing in bed, and with four designs to choose from, these handcrafted pillows make a great couch companion gift. 

Dog Pillows, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him
18. Vintage Baseball Glass

This set of vintage baseball goggles features park maps of 11 different baseball stadiums. One of the most perfect last-minute gift ideas for her that feels highly personal, you’ll help her remember a meaningful place and give her a great conversation starter for her next dinner party. No strikeouts for these last-minute gift ideas for her. 

Vintage Baseball Park Glasses Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her
19. Beard Care Kit

From a five o’clock shade to the perfect mountain man’s beard, anyone with a beard will love this beard care kit that includes three products – balm, oil and shampoo. US Handcrafted in the U.S., this kit is one of the greatest last-minute gift ideas for those who feel hand-picked only for their beards.

Beard Care Kit, Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him
20. Peugeot Baltz Lever Corkscrew

Help her look confident and relaxed when opening that inexpensive bottle of wine with the Peugeot Baltaz Lever Corkscrew. The unique trigger handle fits any size hamper and makes holding that nice bottle of wine one-handed. Plus, its attractive design means he can leave it on the counter or bar cart all year round. 

Peugeot Baltaz Wine Opener, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
21. Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls

These microwavable nested storage bowls are a lifesaver when he’s hitting the gym in the morning or coming home late after a long day at work. These storage bowls are attractive enough for serving dishes and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to reheat leftovers and store extra securely. Choose a set of four bowls either shallow or deep in a wide variety of designs and colors, no more paper plates! 

Maple Nested Bowls Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
22. Monogrammed Walnut BBQ Board

Unpretentious and practical, this Walnut BBQ Board is a timeless gift that will impress anyone in your life. The perfect last-minute gift idea for him, a dad or grandpa, or for the guy who loves to grill, this board makes it easy to cut or carve meat and comes with a groove to catch those runoff juices. is engraved. Last-minute gift ideas for her don’t have to give up on style or personalization with this thoughtful gift. 

Monogrammed BBQ Board Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
23. S’well Original Bottle

If staying hydrated is on her to-do list, this basic S’well bottle will get the job done. So popular that it has inspired many imitators but still tops them all. Available in two sizes (17 oz and 25 oz), plus, a wide mouth makes it easy to drop in a few ice cubes and guarantee it will stay cold for up to 12 hours, it will do everything but fill itself back up. 

Swell Bottle, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
24. Provencal Scented Soap-on-a-Rope (Set of 2)

He won’t ask for it, but he’ll use it every day—the scented soap he can hang in the shower for easy access and no messy bottles cluttering the shower shelves. Available in four scents — all with masculine top notes — it’s the ideal gift for the man who loves a good scent, but doesn’t like to fuss about finding one he likes. 

Provencal soap on a rope, last-minute gift ideas for her
25. Felt and Leather Grip-All Trays

Help her stay a little more organized, or at least look that way, with this stylish and helpful feel and leather catch-all tray. The choice of a large or small tray offers flexibility for all storage uses – a place to stash his keys, glasses, mask, or wallet. Made of wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather, he’ll love this useful gift and will think of you every time he sees it. 

Graf Lantz felt leather holds all the dish, last-minute gift ideas for her
26. Closed Helix Keyring

The only downside to this gift is that losing his keys matters, what’s more, this sleek, distinctive keyring design makes it easy to swap keys and looks professional and stylish too. This little gift will make a big impact and only a small dent in your wallet, what other last minute gift ideas for that you might need to find? Available in brass, black and steel.

Helix Key Ring Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
27. Supras Electric, Flameless and Rechargeable Lighter

Know a guy in your life who likes to do everything technical? This rechargeable lighter replaces that generic grocery-store version, it’s easy to charge and lasts for up to 300 uses at a time, making it a unique gift that lets you check out those last-minute gift ideas for her or your family.  Stocking is there  to help buy stuffers. , 

Electric Flameless Lighter Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
28. Silicone Travel Bag

Help her stay fresh on the go with this silicone toiletry bag – the perfect size for a gym bag, briefcase, or throw on the weekend, great for gathering last minute stuff, and one of the greatest last minute gift ideas for her makes one. Large enough to hold multiple toiletries, with a sleek and minimalist design, this bag can easily double as a tech holder. 

Silicone Travel Bags, Last Minute Gift Ideas for Her
29. Poker Chip Sets for Beginners

Help him lift up his poker face and impress friends with this 200 Piece Poker Chip Set, perfect for a night of gambling. This ideal game-night set comes in a durable, aluminum case that can be taken on the go. Forward to Texas Hold’em, a late-night poker game, or any game of blackjack, just make sure he invites you over for a game. 

Home Poker Sets, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
30. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Help them go high-tech in their quest to keep track of keys, phones, workout gear, masks or even headphones. Tile Tags work with smart home devices and is a free app for keeping track of the little things that are easy to lose and hard to replace. A great last-minute gift idea for the tech lover, these Tile companions are compatible with both iOS and Android products and come single or in a set. 

Tile Mate Tracker, Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him
31. Wood Phone Docking Station for Men 

Watches, phones, headphones, glasses – this sleek and rustic docking station makes for easy last-minute gift ideas, especially for the guy who has everything. This low-tech gift is perfect for anyone who has all the tools and wants to keep them all in one place and delivered in a rustic gift box. Sit it next to the bed, by the door, or on the kitchen counter – its eye-catching design and red walnut finish will complement any decor style and provide function.

Charging Station Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
32. Stretchy Nylon Solo Loop Band

An Apple Watch band may be out of your budget, but this Apple-compatible Loop band fits perfectly in ‘last-minute gift ideas for her’. For the man who is on the go and wants both fashion and practicality, this watch band is built to withstand sweat, water and everyday use, these bands are stylish and come in a variety of colors, and all Fits types of smartwatches. 

Apple Watch Band, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him
33. Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie

What’s not to love about this affordable, hot, top-rated men’s beanie that will keep her looking hot and good? These beanies are best-sellers every year and make ideal last-minute gift ideas for them. Choose from over 20 different colors – or get her a few so she can change them up depending on her mood or wardrobe. 

Carhartt Cuffed Beanie, Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
34. Melyaxu Handmade Natural Wood Bookmark

Is there someone in your life who likes to get lost with a great book and also lose page numbers? This set of four handmade bookmarks is a sentimental gift that will delight any reader. Take a set for a male teacher, family friend, or partner who always has a book to read as one of the more thoughtful last-minute gift ideas for him.

wooden bookmarks, last-minute gift ideas for him
35. All-in-One Golf Multitool 

Help him show off his golf game with all the necessary equipment without getting lost in the golf bag. This all-in-one golf multitool has six different uses, all wrapped up in one convenient tool, which is a stroke of luck for anyone searching for last-minute gift ideas. Any golfer in your life will appreciate the easy-to-carry size and versatile functions – stroke counter, ball marker, divot repair tool, and more.  

Golf Multi-Tool Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Her
Ready Steady Go

Here’s the deal: We did the work for you and now it’s your turn! Stuck on which one to choose from last minute gift ideas? Go ahead and order some options and stock some for birthday gifts to come!

Whatever gift you choose, you can’t go wrong with anything on this list. He’ll be pleased to see the thinking behind the gift, and you’ll be known as the gift-giving hero of the holiday season. 

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