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Daniel Craig

Daniel Wroughton Craig CMG (born a pair of March 1968) is associate degree English actor UN agency gained international fame taking part in the key agent fictional character within the film series, starting with Casino Royale (2006) and in four any instalments, up to No Time to Die (2021).

Daniel Craig

After coaching at the National Youth Theatre in London and graduating from the hall faculty of Music and Drama in 1991, Craig began his career on stage. He created his film debut within the drama the ability of 1 (1992) and also the family film a child in King Arthur’s Court (1995), together with his breakthrough role returning within the drama serial Our Friends within the North (1996). He gained prominence for his supporting roles in films like Elizabeth (1998), Lara Croft: topographic point Raider (2001), Road to Hell (2002), cake (2004), and Muenchen (2005).

In 2006 he took on the role of fictional character in Casino Royale, a bring up of the Bond franchise that was favorably received by critics and attained Craig a nomination for the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a very Leading Role. His non-Bond appearances since then embody roles in fantasy film The Golden Compass (2007), the drama Defiance (2008), the fantasy Western Cowboys & Aliens (2011), the mystery heroic tale The lady with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), the heist film Mount Logan Lucky (2017), and also the mystery comedy Knives Out (2019), the later earning him a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Daniel Craig

In 2011 he created his Great White Way debut within the revival of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal opposite his married person, player married woman Weisz. In 2016 he marked within the the big apple Theatre Workshop production of Othello. In 2022 he came to Great White Way within the role of Macbeth with Ruth Negga.

Daniel Wroughton Craig was born in Chester, Cheshire on a pair of March 1968, the son of teacher Carol Olivia (née Williams) and Timothy John Wroughton Craig (1943–2020), a plebe within the businessperson Navy and steel erector. His father later became the owner of 2 Cheshire pubs: the Ring o’ Bells in Frodsham and also the Boot hostel in Tarporley. Craig has associate degree older sister named Lea (born 1965). he’s of French and Welsh descent, investigating the French Calvinist minister Daniel Chamier and Sir William Burnaby, first aristocrat among his ancestors. His name, Wroughton, comes from his great-great-grandmother, Grace Matilda Wroughton.

When Craig’s oldsters single in 1972, he and his sister rapt to the Wirral dry land with their mother, wherever he attended {primary faculty|grade school|grammar school|elementary school|school} in Hoylake still as school in Frodsham. He attended Hilbre highschool in West Kirby. Upon exploit there at the age of sixteen, he attended Calday farm descriptive linguistics faculty as a form student. He vie football game union for Hoylake RFC.

Craig began acting at school plays at the age of six, creating his debut within the Frodsham school production of Oliver! He got interested in serious acting by attending Liverpool’s common man Theatre together with his mother. At the age of fourteen in 1982, he vie roles in lover and Juliet and Cinderella at Hilbre highschool. In 1984, he was accepted into the National Youth Theatre and rapt to London, wherever he worked part-time in restaurants to finance his education.

His oldsters watched his stage debut as Agamemnon in Troilus And Cressida. He performed with the National Youth Theatre on tours to Valencia and national capital beneath the leadership of director Edward Wilson. He entered the hall faculty of Music and Drama in 1988, and graduated in 1991 when a three-year course beneath the tutelage of Colin McCormack, associate degree actor from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

1992–2005: Early roles and breakthrough

Craig appeared in his initial screen role in 1992, taking part in associate degree Afrikaner within the Power of 1. Having vie minor roles within the miniseries Anglo-Saxon Attitudes and also the shows Covington Cross and Boon, he appeared in Gregorian calendar month 1993 as Joe within the Royal National Theatre’s production of Tony Kushner’s Angels in America.

additionally in 1993, Craig was featured in 2 episodes of the yankee tv shows Zorro and also the Young IN Jones Chronicles, and British shows Heartbeat, Between the Lines, Drop the Dead Donkey and Sharpe’s Eagle. In 1994, Craig appeared within the Rover, a recorded stage production and Les Grandes Horizontales, a stage production at the National Theatre Studio, wherever he initial met married woman Weisz, UN agency would become his second married person.

Craig was featured within the poorly received filmmaker film a child in King Arthur’s Court (1995). In 1996, Craig marked within the BBC drama serial Our Friends within the North because the troubled martyr ‘Geordie’ Peacock. showing aboard patron saint Eccleston, Gina McKee and Mark sturdy, Craig’s half within the series is taken into account his breakthrough role.

In the same year, Craig guest-starred in associate degree episode of the HBO horror compendium series Tales from the sepulture and was featured within the BBC tv film Saint-Ex. Craig gave a lead performance within the Franco-German drama Obsession in 1997, a few love triangle between Craig’s character and a few. a similar year, he vie a number one role in Hurlyburly, a play performed within the city district at the previous Vic.

Craig appeared in 3 films in 1998: the freelance drama Love and Rage, the account drama Elizabeth, during which he vie Jesuit priest John Ballard, UN agency was dead for being concerned in an effort to assassinate Queen European country} of England within the Babington Plot, and also the BBC tv film Love is that the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Baron Verulam (1998), during which Craig vie nickel-and-dime outlaw martyr skilled worker UN agency becomes the lover and muse of painter Baron Verulam, UN agency was delineate by Derek mathematician. the subsequent year, Craig marked in a very tv drama known as Shockers: The traveler and as Sergeant Telford Winter within the freelance war film the ditch, that takes place within the scope of the trenches within the initial warfare throughout the forty eight hours leading up to the Battle of the Somme.

Craig contend a schizophrenic man World Health Organization falls dotty with a girl (played by Kelly Macdonald) once being discharged from hospital within the drama Some Voices (2000). additionally in 2000, Craig co-starred aboard Toni Collette within the dark comedy building Splendide and was featured in I unreal of continent, supported the lifetime of Kuki Gallmann (played by Kim Basinger). Craig contend the love interest of Angelina Jolie’s character Lara farm in Lara Croft: topographic point Raider (2001), supported the computer game series topographic point Raider. He later admitted to having taken on the role within the poorly-reviewed however commercially fortunate film just for the paycheque. In 2001, Craig additionally asterisked within the four-part Channel four drama arm of Honour, supported the triplet of novels of identical. Craig appeared within the compendium film 10 Minutes Older: The string (2002), star within the section “Addicted to the Stars”, directed by archangel Radford.

His second unleash of 2002 was surface-to-air missile Mendes’ crime film Road to the pit with role player and actor, during which he contend Irish gangster Connor Rooney, the son of the crime organisation’s boss. Craig then depicted German theoretical scientist Werner Heisenberg within the BBC tv drama Kobenhavn (2002), that depicts Heisenberg’s involvement within the German weapon of mass destruction project throughout warfare II. On stage, Craig asterisked opposite archangel Gambon within the original production of Caryl Churchill’s play variety from Sept to November 2002 at the Royal Court Theatre. Craig received a London Evening normal Theatre Award for Best Actor nomination for his role as a person World Health Organization is cloned double by his father. consecutive year, he asterisked as author poet opposite Gwyneth Paltrow as author within the account film Sylvia (2003), that depicts the romance between the 2 poets. within the same year, he appeared within the Mother as a person World Health Organization engages in associate degree affair with the abundant older mother (played by Anne Reid) of his lover and relief.

The crime adventure story cake, directed by Matthew Vaughn, asterisked Craig as associate degree nameless London-based hard drug provider noted solely as “XXXX” within the film’s credits. Kevin Crust, writing for the l.  a.   Times, praised Craig’s “stunningly suave performance”, whereas Roger Ebert thought he was “fascinating” within the film. Craig next asterisked as a person World Health Organization becomes hazardously shut with a alien (played by Rhys Ifans) once witnessing a deadly accident along in Enduring Love (2004).

Craig appeared in 3 theatrical films in 2005, all of that were supporting roles. His initial unleash of the year, was the adventure story The Jacket star Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley. He then created a quick look within the Hungarian film Fateless as a us Army Sergeant World Health Organization takes a feeling to a young  boy World Health Organization survives life in concentration camps. Craig’s third and final role of the year was in city, directed by film producer, as a South African driver World Health Organization may be a a part of a covert Israeli government assassination mission against eleven Palestinians allegedly concerned within the city massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. additionally in 2005, Craig asterisked within the BBC tv film Archangel – supported Henry Martyn Robert Harris’ novel – as associate degree English educational World Health Organization stumbles upon a notebook believed to own belonged to commie.

2006–2021: James Bond and worldwide recognition

In 2005, Craig was contacted by Eon Productions to portray James Bond. Initially, he was unsure regarding the role and was immune to the producers’ overtures. “There was a amount of attempting to woo him” old Bond co-producer Barbara Broccoli later commented in 2012. throughout this era, he wanted recommendation from colleagues and friends, of whom “most folks aforementioned to him…’there is life once Bond’.”. He expressed he “was awake to the challenges” of the Bond franchise, that he thought-about “a massive machine that creates a great deal of money”. He aimed toward transferral additional “emotional depth” to the character. Born in 1968, Craig is that the initial actor to portray James Bond to own been born once the Bond series started and once the death of Fleming, the novels’ author.

Craig’s casting as Bond caused some contention because of his physical look. Some fans thought-about the blond-haired, 5-foot-10-inch (1.78-metre) tall Craig to not work the image of the taller, brunette Bond depicted by the previous actors. Throughout the whole production amount, web campaigns expressed their discontent and vulnerable to boycott the film in protest. though the selection of Craig was contentious, various actors publically voiced their support. Most notably four of the 5 actors World Health Organization had antecedently depicted Bond – Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Timothy Dalton – referred to as his casting an honest call. Connery notably shared his thoughts on Craig’s casting as Bond in 2008, describing him as “fantastic, marvelous within the part”. the opposite actor to own antecedently contend Bond, George Lazenby, has since voiced his approval of Craig additionally. Clive Owen, World Health Organization had been coupled to the role, additionally spoke in defence of Craig.

The first film, Casino Royale, premiered on fourteen November 2006, and grossed US$594,239,066 worldwide, that created it the highest-grossing Bond film till the discharge of Skyfall. once the film was free, Craig’s performance garnered vital acclaim. Craig season his voice and likeness as James Bond for each the Wii game GoldenEye 007, associate degree increased remake of the 1997 game for the Nintendo sixty four, and James Bond 007: Blood Stone. additionally to Casino Royale, Craig additionally appeared in 2 additional films in 2006: the drama ill-famed as manslayer Perry Edward Smith and because the voice of the lead character within the English-language version of the French animated film Renaissance. In 2006, Craig was invited to hitch the Academy of film Arts and Sciences.

Craig asterisked opposite Nicole Kidman within the phantasy horror film The Invasion in 2007, the fourth film adaptation of the novel The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney, that was met with a negative reception. He delineate Lord Asriel within the Golden Compass, the 2007 film adaptation of Duke of Edinburgh Pullman’s novel. In March 2007, Craig created a anaglyph look as himself during a sketch with Catherine critic|John Orley Allen Tate|critic|poet} United Nations agency appeared within the colour of her character Elaine Figgis from The Catherine Tate Show.

The sketch was created for the BBC Red Nose Day 2007 fundraising programme. In 2008, additionally to Quantum of Solace and its attendant game, Craig asterisked within the drama Flashbacks of a Fool aboard Emilia Fox, as a sunk Hollywood actor United Nations agency reflects on his life; though the film was received negatively, Craig’s performance was praised. In his final unleash of 2008, the war film Defiance, Craig asterisked as Tuvia Bielski, the leader of the Bielski partisans, fighting within the forests of Belorussia throughout war II, saving 1,200 people.

He co-starred with Hugh Jackman during a restricted engagement of the drama a gentle Rain, on Great White Way, that compete in time of year 2009 at the Schoenfeld Theatre, that he gained positive reviews. In August 2010, Craig asterisked as crusading journalist Mikael Blomkvist in David Fincher’s 2011 adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s novel The woman with the Dragon Tattoo. consequent year, he took up a number one role in Dream House, a psychological adventure story directed by Jim dramatist and co-starring wife Weisz, Noemi Watts and Marton Csokas. It garnered principally negative reviews and low box workplace results. Craig then co-starred with Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde in Cowboys & Aliens, associate yankee phantasy Western film, supported Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s 2006 graphic novel of a similar name. a similar year, Craig provided his voice to Steven Spielberg’s animated film The Adventures of Tintin in 2011, taking part in the nefarious pirate Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine and his relative Red Rackham during a twin role.

The planned nineteen April 2010 unleash of Craig’s third Bond film was delayed, attributable to monetary troubles; the film, titled Skyfall, was eventually free on twenty three Oct 2012. a similar year, he appeared as Bond within the short film Happy and wonderful, within which he escorted Queen Queen of England to the 2012 Summer athletic contest gap ceremony. He and his partner Weisz asterisked during a Great White Way play titled Betrayal, that ran from Oct 2013 to January 2014. Despite mixed reviews, it grossed $17.5 million, changing into the second highest earning Great White Way play of 2013. Craig’s fourth Bond film, Spectre, began cinematography in Dec 2014 and was free on twenty six Oct 2015. His 1st four Bond films have grossed $3.5 billion globally, once adjusting for inflation.

Prior to the inaugural Invictus Games control in London in Sep 2014, Craig in conjunction with different entertainers and athletes scan the literary work “Invictus” during a promotional video. He created associate uncredited anaglyph look as a stormtrooper within the 2015 principal Wars: The Force Awakens. Craig appeared during a fashionable production of William Shakespeare’s tragedy fictitious character at the city district big apple Theatre Workshop throughout late 2016 and early 2017. the assembly asterisked David Oyelowo because the titular character and Craig because the main antagonist, Iago. Diane Snyder of The Daily Telegraph praised his “chilling” portrayal of fictitious character within the play. In 2017, Craig co-starred in Steven Soderbergh’s comedy mountain peak Lucky, regarding 2 brothers United Nations agency accomplish a heist throughout a NASCAR race. Craig asterisked aboard city Berry within the drama Kings set throughout the 1992 la riots. The film premiered in Sep 2017 and was distributed by the garden the subsequent year; it absolutely was raspingly reviewed by several film critics.

In 2019, Craig asterisked in Rian Johnson’s comedy murder-mystery Knives Out as Benoit Blanc, a detective investigation the overtime of a family patriarch. It premiered at the 2019 Toronto International festival to vital acclaim, and was stagily free that November. In 2020, it absolutely was declared the Craig had signed on to spiel the character in associate approaching sequel. His fifth Bond film No Time to Die was to be directed by Danny Boyle and free in November 2019, however it absolutely was delayed once Boyle left the project. it absolutely was ultimately directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and was free in cinemas from thirty Sep 2021 within the UK and within the United States on eight Oct 2021 having been delayed many times thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In appearances on The Late Show with writer Colbert butter and also the Graham Norton Show, Craig aforesaid that No Time to Die would be his last Bond film. 2 days before the film’s unleash within the United States, Craig was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that is found at 7007 Hollywood avenue (a respect to Bond’s code range “007”), and next to the star of fellow Bond actor Roger Moore.

2022–present: Post-Bond work

In 2022, Craig marked in an exceedingly up to date revival of king opposite Ruth Negga on Great White Way. the assembly was wide panned. selection delineate his performance writing “Craig has some robust moments however doesn’t capture the transformation of king into a power-hungry tyrant.”

Charity and humanitarian work

In 2007, Craig and British Prime Minister Blair took half within the United Kingdom’s Comic Relief charity fundraiser, ultimately raising quite USD $90 million. Craig created a anaglyph look as himself in an exceedingly sketch with Catherine Tate|John Orley Allen Tate|critic|poet} UN agency appeared within the gloss of her character Elaine Figgis from The Catherine Tate Show, for the BBC Red Nose Day 2007 fundraising programme. Craig participated within the Great White Way Cares/Equity Fights AIDS fundraising eight Dec 2009, raising $1,549,953 within the twenty first annual Gypsy of the Year competition, from six weeks of curtain appeals at their hit Great White Way drama, a gradual Rain. Craig marked in 2011 in an exceedingly short film narrated by Judi Dench, that was created for International Woman’s Day. successive year, Craig worked with Orbis International in Mongolia to lift support and awareness of the Orbis medical team and their Flying Eye Hospital.

He is attached  multiple charities as well as S.A.F.E. Kenya, that uses street theatre to deal with social problems. he’s additionally attached  the chance Network, that provides access to education for low-income students in ny. In 2011, he collaborated with Dame Judi Dench to spotlight gender difference for International Women’s Day. In August 2014, he additional his name to a letter to British broadcasters job for higher illustration of ethnic minorities. In 2015, Craig appeared within the film Comic Relief: Behind the Bond for the BBC Red Nose Day 2015 fundraising programme.

In Gregorian calendar month 2015, the international organisation appointed Craig the primary world advocate for the elimination of mines and explosive hazards. The role involves raising awareness for the international organisation Mine Action Service (UNMAS), and political and support for the cause. Former international organisation Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Craig: “You are given a licence to kill, i am currently supplying you with a licence to save lots of.” In 2019, Craig appeared in an exceedingly video with the Secretary-General of the international organisation, António Guterres, and launched the UNMAS Safe Ground campaign to show minefields into enjoying fields.


In 2012, Craig expressed a dislike and distrust for politics and politicians normally, being quoted as locution “Politicians square measure shitheads. that is however they become politicians, even the nice ones. We’re actors, we’re artists, we’re terribly nice to every alternative. they’re going to gyrate and stab you within the fucking back”. He has been notably scalding regarding Blair, going as way as comparison Blair’s taste for befriending celebrities to the book Mephisto. He additionally expressed a reluctance to involve himself with politicians, disputation that by doing thus “you right away square measure orienting  yourself with a party.”

Craig supported Barack Obama within the 2008 and 2012 North American country presidential elections. He was outspoken regarding his opposition to Brexit before the 2016 EU membership vote. In 2016, he was pictured sporting a “Vote Remain” tee shirt that was adorned with the words, “No man is Associate in Nursing island. No country by itself.”

Personal life

In 1992, Craig married role player Fiona Loudon; they’d a female offspring named Ella before divorcing in 1994. He later began a relationship with German role player Heike Makatsch, that lasted for seven years before ending in 2004. He afterward dated and was engaged to movie maker Satsuki Mitchell from 2005 till 2010.

Craig and role player married woman Weisz had best-known one another since operating along on Les Grandes Horizontales (1994). They began geological dating in Dec 2010, and were married in an exceedingly non-public ceremony in ny town on twenty two Gregorian calendar month 2011 with solely four guests present, as well as Craig’s female offspring and Weisz’s son. it had been reportable on one Sept 2018 that their initial kid along, a daughter, had been born.

In Gregorian calendar month 2018, Craig purchased a house in borough, New York, for Associate in Nursing quantity in more than $6 million. he’s a passionate fan of metropolis F.C., and is additionally an admirer of rugger, having traveled to Australia in 2013 to look at Brits and Irish Lions tour.

In 2019, Craig proclaimed he had yank citizenship.

Craig was appointed Companion of the Order of St Michael and St St. George (CMG) within the 2022 year Honours for services to film and theatre. This was a similar honour control by Ian Fleming’s Bond, in keeping with From Russia, with Love.

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