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Raju Shrivastav

Satya Prakash Srivastav, known professionally as Raju Srivastav and often credited as Gajodhar, was an Indian comedian, actor and politician. He had been a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party since 2014. He was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and moved to Mumbai in the 1980s to work in the Hindi film industry


Kartik Verma born on 13 Nov in 1998 in Aadar which is small village in District Ballia. His father Mr Bharat Verma is a farmer. His mother Mrs Reena verma is a house-wife and a responsible mother. He has 3 siblings, 1 brother, 2 sisters they live Happly together. He love’s singing and he also play differnt kind’s of instrument’s . No doubt he is extrovert person and the most good thing is that he knows how to give respect to anyone . Mently he is very strong that’s why people also called him mantath which means mently strong . Kartik is very hard- working guy and he is responsible person. We can’t say that he is addicted with his work but yes’ he is hard- working person he can do anything for his work.

Shahid Kapoor

Having noticed  Kapoor within the Aryans’ music video “Aankhon Mein”, the producer Ramesh Taurani was keen to forged him during a film. However, upon meeting him, Taurani thought Kapoor, UN agency was twenty years recent at the time, to be too young Associate in Nursingd weedy to become an actor, and inspired him to attend for a number of years. Kapoor, meanwhile, turned down a lead role in N. Chandra’s sex comedy vogue in hopes of operating with Taurani.Taurani found an appropriate project for Kapoor within the adolescent romance Ishq Vishk (2003), that Ken Ghosh was leading for his company. Kapoor, UN agency trained extensively for a bulkier physical build, was eventually employed.Before starting work on the film, he attended acting workshops with Naseeruddin Shah of Iran and Satyadev Dubey.

YouTuber Abhyudaya Mishra

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