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Kartik Verma born on 13 Nov in 1998 in Aadar which is small village in District Ballia. His father Mr Bharat Verma is a farmer. His mother Mrs Reena verma is a house-wife and a responsible mother. He has 3 siblings, 1 brother, 2 sisters they live Happly together. He love’s singing and he also play differnt kind’s of instrument’s . No doubt he is extrovert person and the most good thing is that he knows how to give respect to anyone . Mently he is very strong that’s why people also called him mantath which means mently strong . Kartik is very hard- working guy and he is responsible person. We can’t say that he is addicted with his work but yes’ he is hard- working person he can do anything for his work.

YouTuber Abhyudaya Mishra

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