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What is a good partner?

What is a good partner?

What is it that you do in your relationship that makes you a good partner? How to be a good partner is a lifetime lesson and takes practice and commitment. It sounds daunting, but you’ll gain a stronger relationship from it, so it’s worth it.

Many of us think about what we are getting out of the relationship itself. However, being a good partner depends on how our partner’s actions, thoughts, and feelings affect us as well.

What if we reversed that focus and put our partner’s wants and needs first? If you were focused on giving more than receiving, you may notice a change in mindset and begin to think that you are a better partner; rather than if they are.

What makes a good partner?

What is a good partner?

As we all have different beliefs, life goals, strengths and weaknesses, we all bring different things to a relationship and have different perceptions of what makes a good partner.

However, there are many characteristics that we can develop in order to be a better person and, therefore, improve our relationships.

Want to know what those qualities are? let’s take a look.


It is almost impossible to be in a happy mood all the time. But, it is important here to bring positive thinking in your relationship. Instead of denying yourself negative feelings and suppressing them, you’ll learn to work through them and still see the good in your partner.

Self awareness

The key to any deep and meaningful relationship is understanding your part. To learn how to be a better partner, you need to look within and become self-aware. This is when you gain the ability to understand and control your behavior and emotions.

Your fears, limitations, and perhaps negative patterns may be getting in the way of your relationship and connection with your partner. You could potentially be developing a negative pattern in your relationship without even realizing it. Working on yourself and being your best self also means being the best you can be in your partnership.



If you want to foster happiness in your relationship, perhaps shift your mindset from focusing on yourself to meeting your partner’s needs. If you think about it for a moment, there is nothing that evokes more insecurity and fear than a romantic relationship. So, instead of raising your partner’s concerns, take this opportunity to talk to them and build that connection.


The top two reasons couples argue are jealousy and control. However, if you read into that, they are deep issues of insecurity and lack of trust. Trust is absolutely essential in any relationship; And that starts with honest and open communication. Showing your vulnerability and having the courage may be difficult at first, but sharing your feelings and hopes will eventually bring you closer together.

Three types of relationships

It is important to understand what dimension of relationship you are currently in and what you bring to your partner. Are You in a One-, Two- or Three-Dimensional Relationship? Not only this, but you need to ask yourself what are you willing to do for your partner to create and achieve the relationship that you have always dreamed of.

One dimensional

A one dimensional relationship is when it is not about you and your partner but about you. All your attention is on meeting your needs and what you are getting out of it instead of your partner. This ultimately means that you are only in the relationship if you are getting what you want.

Sadly, the people on the other end of this relationship often feel isolated, alone, and not supported by their partner. They may even sacrifice their own needs and dreams to maintain peace in the relationship. Because of this, they eventually drift away and seek connection and fulfillment elsewhere, breaking off the relationship.

Two dimensional

Now, the two-dimensional relationship is based on equality; You pay attention to your needs as well as the needs of your partner. You believe that a good partner will take care of himself and your partner will do the same. But, should your partner struggle alone to meet their needs, you don’t see it as your problem. So, to some extent, you are still operating at a self-centered level.

To some of us, this may seem perfectly reasonable, and a platonic partnership may work out well. However, this can be terrible in a romantic relationship because there is no passion. The reality is that you end up in an incomplete and then a failed relationship.

Three dimensional

three dimensional

So, three-dimensional relationship. This is the way where you step forward and take full responsibility for your partner’s feelings. You treat their needs as your own and will not give up until those needs are met. Within this dynamic, you are operating on a soul-centered level.

It will be depolarizing to tell your partner that you are doing all you can, but they have to play their part. As fine as this may seem on the surface, it is not. This type of relationship means that instead of splitting everything equally, you let your partner feel how they want to feel and do what they want to do because you love them. . You strive to please your partner and because of this all the passion, happiness and energy comes naturally. We all want this kind of relationship.

How can you be better?

Depending on what dimensions you find yourself and your partner working on, do you think you can both agree on working to become better? If you want some ideas on how to do this, let’s dive right in.

Love yourself

love yourself

The motivation for every decision you make is based on your beliefs. So, if you have discouraging beliefs, it is likely that you will gravitate toward a life that conforms to those beliefs. Becoming a better partner here begins with replacing those beliefs with more fulfilling, empowering beliefs.

Learning to understand your sense of self is the foundation of being a better partner. Once you know what your limiting beliefs are, you can work on your self-esteem. Always celebrate your strengths, weaknesses, and everything that you bring to your relationship. By giving yourself permission to feel positive, you can perform better in your relationships. After all, you are only able to treat people the way you treat yourself.

Understand that all relationships are different

A good way to look at relationships is to think of them like a garden; They are able to flourish only under the right conditions. Some plants will need more attention than others and they will also have to deal with changes in weather. Like the seasons, changes are inevitable in relationships; However, you can learn to be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way.

You can learn to adapt to your partner’s needs and at the same time stay true to your own needs, flexibility is not the same as settling down. It’s about listening to your partner’s needs and meeting them in a way that brings you closer together. Life’s circumstances will come and go, but a relationship that has adapted to the changing seasons will always stand strong.

Focus on your partner

If you want to make a lasting change in your relationship, maybe it’s time to stop focusing on what your partner is doing or not doing, but on what you are giving and what you How can we be better? By asking yourself this, you are moving to a more world-centered level and putting your partner first.

This is not to say that you are neglecting your own needs, you are simply letting your partner know that you are there for them and allow them to feel safe in their vulnerability. This in turn will strengthen your relationship and help you transform from a good partner to a great partner.

Improve communication

Now, communication is not just about small chit chat. Non-verbal forms of communication such as eye contact and body language are important in fully understanding your partner, not just listening.

When they are talking, really listen to what they are saying, be open and accepting. Also, instead of criticizing your partner, listen to their perspective without judgment. This will build trust in your relationship and allow you to relate to your partner.


As we mentioned earlier, communicating more than just “How was your day?” etc. is not a small matter. It’s things like this that drive us into a routine of just being together rather than a satisfying romantic relationship.

If you spend every evening on the couch watching TV, how will you really connect with each other? Take the time to talk fully and openly about the feelings, concerns, and dreams it can all bring you together.

Share responsibility

share responsibility

If one of you is the one who takes on all the responsibilities, you can’t possibly have an equal relationship. Instead, be more productive and share the responsibilities of finances and household tasks like chores and grocery shopping.

One study   found that people who split tasks more evenly engaged in intimacy more than those with more unbalanced arrangements.

Stay on!

As humans we are social animals, to be a better partner, you need a support system. When you spend time with a larger network of people, such as your partner’s friends and family, you are creating bonds that will strengthen your relationship. You want to be a part of their whole life, do what they love and love what they love.

So, are you ready to be a better partner?

So, are you ready to be a better partner?

There you have it, we’ve got tons of tips and advice on how you can improve yourself, be a better partner, and build a stronger relationship. All the changes you make can only have a positive effect, building your self-esteem and the strength of your relationship with your partner.

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