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The best snowboarding brands for the 2022 ski season

Snowboarding: The younger, arguably cooler brother of skiing. For more than 50 years, it has been the activity of choice for more laid-back visitors and residents of the mountain, fusing the chilled-out, anti-establishment culture of skateboarding and surfing with the mountain lifestyle of winter sports.

It is a sport that by definition must be performed in an extreme environment. You don’t need to head into the backcountry or jump out of a helicopter for things to get overly chilly and wet. Even a patrol resort with freshly crafted pistachios can get brutally cold in inclement conditions, which is why it’s important to have the right kit.

The best snowboarding brands for the 2022 ski season
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Waterproof jacket and trousers, mid layers, gloves, hat and goggles are essential for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. So, whether you’re busy putting together a shopping list for your first snowboarding trip, or looking to upgrade your old kit for next season, these gore-Tex outerwear, thermal base layers, and everything in between What are the best snowboarding brands for you?

Best For: Everything

Founded in 1977, Burton is the biggest, best-known and most respected snowboard name out there. One of the sport’s first dedicated brands, Burton’s began making boards, but quickly expanded its offering to include everything knee-length boots and clothing bindings.

The company has also sponsored some of the best athletes the sport has ever seen, including half-pipe legend Shaun White, whom Burton first signed when he was seven.

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Best For: Jackets and Pants

Californian brand Volcom caters to the entire spectrum of boardsports, from skateboarding to surfing, but its snowboard gear in particular has a reputation for being some of the best in the sport.

Known for its bright colors and quirky designs, Volcom’s outerwear blends high performance with eye-catching looks and includes all kinds of cool technology like the Zip-Tech system, which runs through many of its jackets and pants for maximum protection. allows to zip together.

Volcom. SHOP NOW

Best For: High-Performance Outerwear

Arc’teryx has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best outdoor brands in the world, renowned for its high quality, attention to detail and innovation. Talk to someone who spends a lot of time doing extreme things in extreme places, and chances are they all have some of this high-performance kit.

While historically a climbing and mountaineering brand, Arc’terrix’s range also caters to alpine sports, including skiing and snowboarding. Expect top-drawer Gore-Tex Pro Jackets and pants, to match the price tag.

Arc’teryx. SHOP NOW

66° North
Best for: Jackets, pants and mid-layers

In snowboarding circles, Iceland is perhaps best known as the home of Hldor Helgason, one of the sport’s most creative, innovative and furious personalities. It is also home to 66° North, a high-performance outdoors label with more than a century of experience in combating some of the toughest conditions on earth.

The brand has a tightly curated range of multipurpose shells and mid-layers, designed to perform for everything from skiing to backcountry snowboarding to mountaineering, and built to take a serious beating. Take the Hornstrandir jacket, for example: a premium Gore-Tex Pro shell, featuring cleverly stretched paneling that’s happily toe-to-toe with Arc’teryx’s iconic Alpha SV when it comes to extreme-weather performance can go.


Burton AG (Analog)
Best for: Statement gear

The Burton sub-brand launched in the late 90s as an offshoot of producing simple pieces like T-shirts , hoodies and sweats . Since then, it has become a snowboarding brand in its own right, with a strong visual language and some of the best outerwear around.

The designs take their aesthetic cues from the decade in which the brand was born, but the garments are nothing but old-fashioned in terms of technical details and performance.

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Burton AK (Alaska)
Best for: High-end gear

AK, short for Alaska, is Burton’s high-end line, dedicated to creating state-of-the-art performance gear for snowboarders using the latest materials and technology. The range has been designed in conjunction with Gore, using Gore-Tex fabrics to create the most resilient, weatherproof and breathable fabrics possible.

The fit of the jacket and pants is tailored to the needs of snowboarders, with articulated joints, tall heels, and pre-shaped knees for on-board ergonomics.

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thirty two
Best For: Shoes

Founded in 1995, ThriftyTwo is a leading brand at the forefront of the snowboard-boot market. ThirtyTwo shoes are known for being some of the best in the sport, with a dedicated research team looking into every aspect of board/rider dynamics and interaction to create the best possible interface between the two.

There’s also a full range of kits, from hoodies and tees to jackets and pants, all with bold branding and oversized, park-friendly fits.

ThirtyTwo. SHOP NOW

Best For: Glasses and glasses

Regardless of the game, if there are specs involved, chances are Oakley has the lion’s share of the market. Snowboarding is no different, but not only does the American brand produce some of the best goggles in the sport, it also carries a full range of stylish snowboarding apparel, including waterproof jackets and pants, and features top pro riders like Stelle Sandbek, Jamie Anderson and Scottie James.

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picture organic clothing
Best For: Eco-Friendly Outerwear

Born in the French Alps, Picture Organic Clothing is a snowboard brand built around sustainable practices. From shipping (sea only) to clothing (made from recycled materials and natural fibres), everything the brand does is done with the environment in mind.

Pictured’s top-of-the-range Object Jacket, for example, is made using bio-sourced hardshell materials, while still offering the full pinnacle of technical performance.

SHOP NOW at Picture Organic Clothing

Best for: Explorers

Founded by backcountry legend and eco warrior Jeremy Jones, this freeride-focused snowboard brand specializes in splitboarding, powder hunting and generally gear for getting off the beaten track.

The brand is known for its snowboards, but makes everything from jackets to pants and bibs, all designed with off-piste adventures in mind.

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