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How to Wear a Denim Jacket: 53 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Men

The classic denim jacket is a wardrobe staple for good reason. Denim jackets — also known as jean jackets or trucker jackets — give your outfit a sense of rigor that almost no other jacket (save for a leather jacket) offers.

You should wear your denim jacket open and only as part of a casual look. They are not best suited if you are going for a smart casual style. Rather, wear them with men’s casual pieces like a white T-shirt and white sneakers with a flannel shirt or hoodie.

Below, I’ll walk you through how to wear a denim jacket with style. You’ll discover how to wear them with jeans and chinos, how to style them with a T-shirt or shirt, and you’ll find tons of outfit ideas along the way.

how to wear a denim jacket with jeans

A dress that combines a denim jacket with jeans is called double denim. However, the double denim look also has more derogatory nicknames, such as the hillbilly tuxedo. These are applicable only if you wear double denim the wrong way.

The trick of wearing a denim jacket with jeans is to ensure that there is enough contrast between the jacket and the color of the jeans . For example, you can wear a light denim jacket with dark wash jeans or a blue denim jacket with black or gray jeans.

Below you will find some examples:

contrast blue double denim
How to Wear a Denim Jacket: 53 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Men
blue denim jacket with black denim jeans
Black Jeans With Blue Denim Jacket Outfit
blue denim jacket with gray denim jeans
gray jeans with blue denim jacket outfit
How to Style a Denim Jacket with Chinos

A denim jacket goes especially well with chino pants since they create a nice contrast with each other in the fabric. It also helps that chinos and denim jackets are both casual wear, making them easy to pair with any casual outfit.

In the spring, you can wear the combination with a T-shirt and sneakers, and perhaps over a (loosely worn) scarf in the summer. In the fall, you can wear a jean jacket and a flannel shirt and boots with chinos. Then, as it cools down, add a thick knit scarf and hat to keep yourself warm.

denim jacket with chinos outfit ideas
how to wear a denim jacket with a t-shirt

Denim jackets look best with a casual T-shirt or Henley shirt instead of a polo shirt. With a denim jacket, you’re instantly creating your outfit so you can lean into it.

As mentioned earlier, you can pair the combination with a contrasting pair of jeans or a pair of chinos. But don’t stop there. Consider adding some cool accessories like a leather bracelet, watch or scarf.

A denim jacket pairs well with any type of T-shirt – striped tees, solid tees or even graphic tees. With that said, nothing can beat the classic combo of a blue denim jacket with a plain white t-shirt.

denim jacket with t-shirt outfit ideas
How to wear a denim jacket with a shirt?

Denim jackets look good with casual shirts, such as a flannel shirt or oxford shirt, rather than a tight-collar dress shirt. You need a denim jacket a . You should also avoid pairing with denim shirts though (even if you’re averse to them).

Wearing a denim jacket outfit with a denim shirt has never been pulled off well. It’s just too much denim .

You can wear your shirt tucked or untucked, and you can also wear it without buttons to create a nice layered effect.

denim jacket with shirt outfit ideas
Can you wear a denim jacket with a dress shirt?

Some fashion-forward individuals may pair a trucker jacket with a formal dress shirt and tie, but it creates an awkward combination. What look are you going for there? The dress-up trucker going to a business event?

If you want to pair a denim jacket outfit with a shirt and tie, I’d still recommend a more casual option like an oxford or flannel shirt and a knit tie.

denim jacket with shirt and tie combination
how to wear a denim jacket with a hoodie

Even though hoodies aren’t my favorite men’s wear — as long as you wear them in moderation, I don’t mind them — I can’t deny that they pair incredibly well with a denim jacket for a streetwear look. match with.

Just wear a simple plain white T-shirt underneath, leave it unzipped and you are ready to go. This a. A great layered combination for a casual look.

denim jacket outfit with hoodie
How should a denim jacket fit?

You want to avoid wearing an oversized denim jacket, so here are some basic guidelines to make sure your denim jacket fits properly:

denim jacket fit guide
  1. The shoulder seam should end at your shoulder. Going over your shoulder is the most obvious sign that your jacket is too big.
  2. The sleeve should end at your wrist. If they go halfway down your hands, you know you’re in trouble.
  3. The hem should end around the belt. Don’t wear cropped denim jackets that are above your belt.
  4. The fit should neither be too tight nor too boxy when buttoned. Even though you usually wear a denim jacket that is open-ended, the best way to make the fit perfect is to button it up.
how to layer a denim jacket

When you add a denim jacket to your wardrobe, you open up a lot of cool layering options. You can find some ideas below that employ at least three layers:

  • Denim Jacket, Open Flannel Shirt, Plain T-Shirt
  • Denim Jacket, Open Hoodie, Plain T-Shirt
  • denim jacket, buttoned cardigan, oxford shirt
  • denim jacket, sweater, oxford shirt
  • denim jacket, waist coat, flannel shirt
Layered Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas

You can also use a denim jacket as a mid-layer, wearing it under an overcoat, parka or trench coat:

denim jacket with coat outfit ideas
What to wear with a black denim jacket?

A dark denim jacket looks great with light blue jeans, gray jeans or colored chinos. Black denim also makes for a striking contrast with a white T-shirt or white oxford shirt.

Black denim is also the only exception to the “denims don’t match” rule, as you can wear a black denim jacket with black jeans. You can also go for an all-black outfit with a black T-shirt and black Chelsea boots.

black denim jacket outfit ideas
What to wear with a white denim jacket?

When I was a teenager, this was my favorite denim jacket. However, as an adult, I have to admit that it’s hard to pull off this genre without looking like you’ve jumped out of boy-band videos.

Still, a white jean jacket looks great when paired with all-black clothing under a white, light gray or striped T-shirt, or otherwise a light hoodie. Just avoid bold colors.

white denim jacket outfit ideas
Best Stores for Denim Jackets

It’s no surprise that the best jean jackets come from jeans makers like Levi Strauss. You’ll find your favorite denim jacket at one of these stores:

How to Style a Shearled Denim Jacket

A shearling denim jacket (or sherpa denim jacket) is an excellent choice to wear during the transition period between winter and spring, or fall and winter. The shearling collar adds a touch of warmth that a regular denim jacket style doesn’t provide.

You can wear them just like a regular blue jean jacket. See some examples below:

white denim jacket outfit ideas
Frequently asked questions about wearing a denim jacket
Do denim jackets go with everything?

Denim jackets are versatile apparel to wear in a casual look, but they don’t pair well with dressier clothing like dress shirts or silk ties. They look best with a casual shirt or t-shirt and chino pants or contrasting jeans.

Should you wear a denim vest?

You should only wear a denim vest if you are going for a typical biker look.

Can you wear a denim jacket with dress pants?

You can pair your denim jacket with dress pants or tailored trousers, but the combination looks different. Instead a denim jacket looks better with chino pants.

How do you wash a denim jacket?

You can wash a denim jacket by hand or in the washing machine. It is recommended that you turn the jacket inside out first and use a gentle cycle with cool water. Note: They usually come with washing instructions on the label or when you buy them.

Now Rock Your Denim Jacket With Style

This article has given you many tips and examples on how to wear a denim jacket with style. You have learned to nail the double denim look. You have learned to wear denim jackets with chinos, t-shirts, hoodies and shirts. And you’ve got tons of outfit ideas to rock your denim jacket.

They are great jackets for men to wear in spring and fall and are a great option to spice up your casual look a bit. If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for?

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