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Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men

Every holiday season I stress over what to get my dad for Christmas, and end up buying something last minute.

He’s a Renaissance man who loves cooking, skiing, fishing, photography, and really good wine in equal measure. And I’m sure you’re thinking, what’s so hard about it, Taylor?! Just get him all the ‘stuff’ that goes with those hobbies! Get out of here with your ‘problems’. ,

And I hear you, but you guys—here’s the thing, he just buys himself all the fun toys he wants , what are you leaving me to do? Buy him a spool of fishing line?

Hark back!

Plus, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Shall I go to a… fishing shop? what is that too?

Otherwise too!

This story wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t have a solution that always works—and will work for even your most “tough shopaholic” person.

The answer, of course, is clothing.

Well, clothes, shoes, accessories…gifts of style! Not necessarily a function.

Whether it’s your dad with an expensive hobby or your brother who loves Fortnite and still hangs out with his college buddies, every man will love something new to wear while doing what he loves to do .

Luckily, we’ve gone out and done the hard work for you. We hit up Amazon with its massive selection and easy “add to cart” options for the best last-minute gifts for guys.

You snag the perfect gift and who knows, maybe stock up on toilet paper? I don’t know what’s on your list!

Let’s go shopping!

Below, check out 7 great last-minute gift ideas for men, all available on Amazon:

Your Fancy Dad Who Refuses to Retire Barbour Wax Leather Briefcase $218

My dad is almost 70, and he recently decided he didn’t want to retire just yet. So he went out and got himself a part time gig! If your dad also refuses to retire (love that youthful exuberance!) and when he gets down to work, he’ll love this waxed leather briefcase from Barbour.

Polished details, like the tartan lining and buckle closure lend that “special” look she’ll be excited to take to the office.

Aloe Yoga Co-op 7/8 Pant, Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men

Your Living-That-WFH-Life Younger Brother Aloe Yoga Co-op 7/8 Pants $ 76

If he’s working from home and sweating all day, I’d say it’s about time he got a loungewear upgrade. And when it comes to last minute gift ideas for men, loungewear is great because you don’t have to be quite as precise with sizing.

If it’s a bit big? Or even a little snug? No problem.

These comfortable joggers are made from a lightweight performance knit, which means they’re comfortable enough to sit at the kitchen table all day, but they’re also luxe enough to wear out of the house.

Your Buddy Who Lives for That Après-Ski Life
Howlin’ Sweater $198

We all have that friend who dresses like they’re ready to whip up a batch of hot toddies at any moment. “I’ll be by the fireplace in the lodge if you need me” style to match.

The navy color is nice because it feels on-theme enough for a ski weekend in Aspen, but not so costumey that you’ll mistake it for a discarded piece from the wardrobe. Dumb Stupid.

Holiday Gift Guide

Your Husband You Absolutely Want To Spoil Alpha Industries B-3 Sherpa Jacket $262

Ladies, let me let you in on a secret: Your husband or significant other might not think he wants a coat for Christmas, but trust me—he does.

And if I were elected to be the world’s most philanthropic outerwear queen, I would give every man this gorgeous, heavyweight modern jacket with a sherpa lining.

This topper is going to feel super luxurious and keep the wearer warm. While sherpas can often feel a little over-the-top in menswear, the subtle collar and trim on this bad boy feel both low-key and cool.

If you want to treat the main man in your life — the one who deserves to be swaddled in elegance and sophistication all winter long — this is absolutely the way to go.

last minute gift ideas for men

Your Cool Cousin You Didn’t Know To Shop For Esongmake Scuff Slippers $16

When it comes to last minute gift ideas for men, a pair of slippers is always a fail-safe present. If you know any guy who gives off Jeff Spicoli-meets-Angus Cloud style vibes, I’d suggest these fun checkerboard slippers as a great gift.

And if you happen to see yourself like this, maybe even a little, buy them for yourself, please!

These slippers are for the man who already has a pair of Vans, and his only regret is that he can’t wear them to bed.

last minute gift ideas for men

Your boyfriend who’s self-conscious about how pale he is before your New Year’s beach vacation Tan- Luxe Self-Tanning Drops $ 47

Do your vacation plans include a vacation somewhere warm and sunny? Prep your face with some self-tanner so you’re not blindingly pale upon arrival.

Just be sure to follow the directions — you don’t want to find yourself in a Ross Geller faux-tan situation .

Your Uncle Who Lost Everything
Knockaround Sunglasses $25

These sunglasses from SG Fav Knockaround make a great last minute gift for guys because they look way more expensive than they actually are.

At only $25, they’re the perfect gift for a guy who likes to look good, but can’t be trusted with nice things.


Whether your holiday shopping list includes anything particularly weird or wonderful like the ones I’ve listed above, I can’t be sure.

But I do know that the best gifts are those given thoughtfully and with intention. So if you can imagine this person living their absolute best life, and doing whatever lovely job you’ve chosen for them, then you’re good to go.

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