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Benefits of Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is said to be a complete package of asanas which have multiple benefits that can help you manage your health condition and raise your spiritual level to optimum.

Some of the major benefits of practicing Bhujangasana are:

  1. Benefits of Bhujangasana for belly fat
  2. Benefits of Bhujangasana for blood circulation
  3. Benefits of Bhujangasana for stress management
  4. Benefits of Bhujangasana for the spine
  5. Other benefits of Bhujangasana
Benefits of Bhujangasana

1. Benefits of Bhujangasana for Belly Fat:

Having a big belly is not anyone’s favorite and it can affect your self-esteem to a great extent. Bhujangasana is considered to be one of the most popular and best asanas that can help you achieve a fit stomach worth envying. The benefits of this Bhujangasana can enhance your physical appearance and beauty to another level as stretching your abdominal muscles can have a direct effect on flattening your abdominal area.

2. Benefits of Bhujangasana for blood circulation:

The important thing here is to have a good level of blood circulation in order to remain active and energetic. Bhujangasana mainly improves your blood circulation . A good level of blood circulation helps your cells get enough oxygen and other nutrients. Apart from this, improving your blood circulation can also improve the hormonal balance to the required level.

3. Benefits of Bhujangasana for Stress Management:

If you are prone to anxiety or depression, practicing Bhujangasana can go a long way in helping you overcome the effects of stress. In several studies it has been found to be quite helpful in combating the symptoms of stress such as fatigue, headache and weakness. It can also be found to have some effect on the management of depression level. However, if you have certain conditions like migraine or insomnia then it is recommended to seek expert advice.

4. Benefits of Bhujangasana for the spine:

Bhujangasana can be of great help in giving your back a proper extension which is essential for it to function well. Thus, it can help you strengthen your spine.

The mechanisms and steps that are involved in Bhujangasana are designed to stretch your lower and upper back to optimal levels . However, for people suffering from chronic back pain, it is better to consult an experienced doctor before practicing Bhujangasana.

5. Other benefits of Bhujangasana:

  • It can help you stretch your chest, abdominal and shoulder muscles.
  • It can also help you soothe the pain of sciatica.
  • It can help you increase your flexibility
  • It can rejuvenate your heart health.
  • It can help lift the mood.
  • This can help reduce lower back stiffness.
  • This can help strengthen your arms and shoulders.
  • This opens up your chest muscles and can help clear the passages of your lungs.
  • It also helps in improving your digestion.
  • It can stimulate various organs in the abdominal area, such as the kidneys.
  • This can have a great effect on the symptoms of asthma.

Bhujangasana Steps

We must follow the correct techniques to perform Bhujangasana pose to get all the health benefits. It is very important to maintain firmly braced feet and avoid giving any load on the lumbar region of your spine which is the lower back region. The steps to perform the Bhujangasana pose are as follows:

  • While you are lying on your stomach, place your hands on the sides of your legs and thighs wide apart, your toes pointing out, and your palm facing up, while your forehead is on the ground But you are resting
  • Now bend your hands slowly at the elbows, then place your palms on the ground towards the shoulders; The thumbs should be placed under your armpits.
  • Now bring your chin to the ground in a forward position and look straight ahead.
  • Now slowly raise your neck, head and shoulders and raise your trunk to the level of your navel. Now try to raise your chin as high as possible.
  • You have to maintain this asana till you feel comfortable doing it.
  • Now slowly lower yourself to the ground, starting from the navel, shoulders, chest and chin; And finally rest your forehead on the ground.
  • The final stage involves total relaxation. You should keep your arms and hands near your thighs and relax.

Precautions of Bhujangasana

  • You should do this Bhujangasana only when you are completely fit and healthy. If you have recently undergone any surgery or if you are a pregnant woman, then you should avoid this Bhujangasana. So before practicing this asana, make sure that it is completely safe for you to do it.
  • You must have a yoga mat to do this Bhujangasana. Since this pose requires you to rest on your elbows and knees on the floor, a yoga mat will do the trick.
  • Avoid practicing Bhujangasana immediately after having food. You should wait at least 4-5 hours before doing this.
  • Always do some stretching exercises to warm up your body for Bhujangasana.

Who should avoid Bhujangasana?

Avoid making common mistakes while practicing Bhujangasana. Always keep your hands under your shoulder blades to keep your shoulders away from your ears. Also, always keep your arms extended and keep them in a straight line so that your elbows are locked. You can bend your elbows slightly or you can point them in the backward direction but not towards you.

Always aim to stretch your upper body to the maximum by relaxing your chest muscles and take care not to overextend your back muscles. Also, keep in mind that do not pull your neck back too much. Always try to keep your neck in line with the spinal natural curve.

Does Bhujangasana reduce belly fat?

Yes, it is absolutely true and clinically proven that Bhujangasana helps in reducing your belly fat . Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is considered to be one of the best and easiest asanas when it comes to reducing your belly fat to the maximum level in the safest way.

You can get a toned stomach by practicing Bhujangasana as it helps you to sweat more thereby reducing the unwanted fat stored on your stomach. For this reason, many fitness and health enthusiasts make sure to incorporate this cobra pose into their daily fitness routine workouts.

Bhujangasana vs. Sarpasana

Sarpasana is an upper level variation of Bhujangasana and can be applied to Sarpasana as well. Here, the practitioner lifts the body with the help of their palms which are placed slightly outward than their shoulders with a naturally curved spine, straight legs and gaze towards the ceiling.

In Sarpasana, your hands are linked above and behind your torso, and your hips lift your legs straight up. Whereas in doing Bhujangasana, your torso is at the end your hands are placed outside your shoulder length and the legs are in straight back direction. Both the parts of the body that is the upper and lower part are actively engaged in Bhujangasana posture while the upper body is in the latter posture which is Sarpasana.

6 Bhujangasana is forbidden

There are some prohibitions related to the Bhujangasana pose:

  1. People who have recently had any abdominal surgery should avoid this Bhujangasana yoga pose unless advised by their doctor.
  2. Patients suffering from hernia or ulcer should not do this asana.
  3. People who have any neck problems like spondylitis should avoid doing this Bhujangasana pose.
  4. People suffering from serious spinal problems should avoid doing this asana.
  5. Due to the pressure it puts on your lower abdomen and the possibility of encountering an injury, pregnant women should avoid this pose.
  6. People suffering from severe asthma problem should improve their breathing by practicing pranayam regularly before doing this cobra pose.


Bhujangasana or the cobra pose is a complete asana in itself that helps you heal your body and your spirituality completely. Its practice has many benefits for your back, body fat, glutes and proper blood circulation.

While practicing this Bhujangasana pose, it is very important to keep the feet firm and avoid putting any kind of pressure on your lumbar spine. One should practice this pose properly and regularly with proper precautions from his side and under a trained yoga practitioner to avoid any possible injury.

Questions to ask

1. What happens if you do cobra pose every day?

If you do cobra pose regularly then it helps in your fatigue problem and stress management. Cobra pose helps you deal with depression, fatigue and other stress-related issues.

Incorporating this dynamic yoga pose into your daily workout routine not only uplifts you spiritually but also helps to calm your mind.

2. For how long should Bhujangasana be done?

You can hold this Bhujangasana pose for about 4-5 breaths. Repeat this asana 4-5 times. The time duration of the practice depends on how long one can hold this pose comfortably.

3. What should I do after Bhujangasana?

After the practice of Bhujangasana, you can also practice other asanas to relax your whole body:

  • Cow pose or Bitilasana is called
  • Upward-Facing Dog Pose is also called Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  • The bridge pose is known as Setu Bandhasana.

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