Abhyuday MisAbhyuday Mishra no more

YouTuber Abhiyuday Mishra

Popular YouTuber Abhiyuday Mishra, conjointly called SkyLord to the Free hearth players on social media platform YouTube, Abhyuday Mishra no more Abhyuday Mishra died when receiving severe injuries during a road accident. This happened whereas he was on a biking tour on Monday

He died on the way to the hospital Abhyuday Mishra was seriously injured after which he was immediately taken to the nearby Community Health Centre. The report further states that his condition worsened after being shifted to Narmadapuram. After fighting for two days, he succumbed to his injuries on the way to Bansal Hospital in Bhopal. It is being told that Abhyuday Mishra had suffered serious injuries in the right leg and thigh.